The convenient software cockpit for heating controllers

The UNIWIN visualisation software guarantees the clear display and convenient operation of the UNIPLEX III heating controllers and offers access to the current status of the heating circuits within the system. Electrical heating plants that consist of a number of individual electrical heating systems can be configured into logical process-engineering groups using the UNIWIN software. The plant structure can be assigned to these groups. For a perfect overview, all important heating circuit and plant data, the status overview, and a message archive with various sorting and selection functions are always available for access on the computer.



The most important features:

  • Clear display of the heating circuits and
    heating circuit groups (buses) due to the
    folder structure on the left side of the screen
  • Status overview of the individual heating
    circuits and heating circuit groups (trains)
  • Detailed overview of the individual heating circuit data
  • Trend curves for temperatures and currents
  • Reset of the alarm messages of the heating controller
  • Various user levels with assigned permissions
  • Extensive alarm and message archive
    (the current messages are always visible at
    the bottom of the screen for the heating circuit)
  • Newly arrived messages are signalled in
    the status overview by flashing
  • Selection of several menu languages possible
  • Plant documentation through the storage of images and circuit diagrams, isometrics, etc. in *.csv, *.jpg, *.png, and *.pdf format
  • Integrated search functions (heating circuits, trains, train groups)
  • Software based on Java
  • Can be run under all modern operating systems like Windows or Linux
  • Storage of all data in a database


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