Innovative heaters for your processes

Klöpper-Therm heaters make an important contribution to optimised, safe, and energy-efficient process management in chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical plants, as well as in power plants and refineries.

The area of application of our heaters mainly lies in direct heating, temperature maintenance, compensation of heat losses, and the condensation and evaporation of solid, liquid, and gaseous substances. 

In addition to direct heating, liquid, solid, or gaseous substances can also be heated indirectly by an electrically heated heat exchanger.

Invest in the safety of your plants with our explosion-protected heaters. We supply approved designs certified for use in Zones 1 or 2 Hazardous areas.

Well-calculated for solid implementation.

For the specific order, the technical feasibility is checked according to your requirements, which we then include in a concrete design. Working out individual solutions.

For the following operating parameters, we have implemented solutions:

  • Medium temperature up to 800 °C
  • Operating pressure up to 30 MPa
  • Connected loads up to 5000 kW, even greater in case of modular construction
  • Supply voltage up to 690 V, in special cases up to 1200 V


The advantages for you at a glance:


  • Use in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Large range of services and high energy density
  • High efficiency since the energy is almost completely converted into heat
  • High operating safety
  • Easy control concept and high temperature consistency
  • Material selection upon customer desire
  • Easy mounting and commissioning
  • No local emission sources
  • Low investment costs


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