The special heating systems of Klöpper-Therm


Special solutions are our speciality.  

Special heating systems of Klöpper-Therm are well-thought-out complete solutions with components that have been optimally adapted to each other, including delivery and assembly. Everything from a single source - no unnecessary interfaces. Our special heating systems are excellently equipped for special requirements. They offer efficient and economical energy utilisation, perfect temperature control, and low maintenance costs. Flexible assembly, transportable systems, and concepts have been proven many times in practice and are the solution for your project—even for explosive atmospheres. These special heating systems include:

  • Reactor heating systems
  • Heating hoses
  • Heaters for tankers and containers
  • Heating mats and heating panels
  • Pipe-internal heating systems
  • Foundation heating systems


Reactor heating systems

Reactor heating systems require a high power spectrum with temperatures up to 650°C. The design can be adapted to the respective customer requirements. For this purpose, pre-manufactured heating mats are available that guarantee quick and easy assembly. In explosive atmospheres, we can also offer heat insulation that has been adapted to the required explosion protection for operating temperatures that lie above the permissible temperature class

The advantages for you at a glance

  • High power spectrum at temperatures up to 650 °C
  • Design according to customer requirements
  • Quick and easy assembly due to pre-wired heating mats


Heating mats and heating panels

For heating systems in tanks and containers, we offer pre-wired, highly flexible heating mats that can be attached quickly and easily with self-adhesive materials. An installed thermostat guarantees the thermal protection of the heating system. The flexible heating mats can be manufactured with various power spectra. In this way, fibre glass and plastic tanks can also be heated using this technology.

  • Pre-wired and highly flexible
  • Various power spectra
  • Installed thermostats


Pipe-internal heating systems

The classical application for pipe-internal heating systems are underground, uninsulated pipelines or pipelines that run through bodies of water, for which the heating cable must be conducted through the pipeline. Nowadays, however, pipe-internal heating systems are being increasingly used for pre-manufactured pipeline systems with insulation.

  • Ideal for underground, uninsulated pipelines
  • For pipelines running through bodies of water


Foundation heating systems

For keeping the foundation of liquefied gas tanks frost-free, we have developed an exchangeable heating system that has already been proven in practice many times. Due to our design programme, the entire heating system is optimised

  • Antifreeze protection of liquefied gas tank foundations, e.g., liquefied natural gas (LNG) tanks
  • Exchangeable and assembly-friendly



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