Uniplex III

High-performance control system for heating systems

Even in the latest version, the UNIPLEX heating controller of Klöpper-Therm will convince you due to development competence and future-looking technology in a single device. Developed especially for the control and monitoring of electrical heating systems, several function blocks are combined in a single device. The temperature controller, safety temperature limiter, and current controller are accommodated on a 19" plug-in card in European format in a space-saving manner.

Our innovation, your advantages

For you, this means:

  • Almost no temperature fluctuations
  • Cost reduction due to fewer lines and resistors
  • Ready for changes in your production
  • Easy handling with networking capability



The main features

  • High degree of safety due to safety temperature limiters (STB), which are certified according to ATEX and classified according to safety level SIL 2
  • Configurable as a PI or two-point controller
  • Continuous regulation of the heating circuit through the actuation of an electronic load relay (SSR)
  • Integrated current controller (pulse width modulation) for setting the desired heating current (reduces the number of heating line or resistor types used)
  • Demand-related adaptation of the heating current to variable holding temperatures
  • Large display that shows setpoint, actual values, and control values (control value as bar graph)
  • Convenient operating menu in various languages (language switchover)
  • Serial  RS-485 interface and Ethernet interface for connection to parent systems
  • Front panel USB connection for diagnostics/configuration
  • Password-protected access on three levels
  • Reset of the limiter using a tool or code entry
  • Various limit value monitors for temperature and current
  • Automatic self-test
  • Expanded application possibilities due to additional controller and limiter measuring sensor
  • Connection of 4-20 mA sensor or setpoint adjuster

Technical data


  • 19" plug-in card technology,
    front panel 8 MW (40.64 mm) wide,
    3 HM (133.35 mm) high, pc board in
    European card format 100 x 160 mm,
    multipoint connector 48-pole, Design F


Ambient conditions

  • Ambient temperature 0 °C to +50 °C in operation, -20 °C to +70 °C in storage
  • Relative humidity < 95 % at 30 °C, non-condensing


Power supply

The power supply is provided by a switching controller with transformer that guarantees the galvanic decoupling of the subassemblies from the supply.

  • Voltage range 24 V DC 6 20 %, ripple max. 1 VSS
  • Connected load typically 3 W
  • Power failure backup > 20 ms, otherwise automatic reset


Input for temperature measuring sensor Pt100 in three-conductor circuit

  • Measuring range: -200 °C to +650 °C
  • Resolution of 1 K in the -200 °C to +650 °C range
  • Measuring tolerance of 61 K up to +300 °C, 63 K up to +650 °C
  • Sensor current  1 mA (kept constant via current source)


Input for current converter

The input is galvanically decoupled by a magnetic measuring transformer.

  • Measuring range: 0 mA bis 100 mA
  • Converter factor 1 : 10 to 1: 1000 freely adjustable
  • Input resistance (burden) 50 Ohm
  • Maximum permissible input voltage 67 VSS
  • True-RMS measurement about 1000 samples/s
  • Control output for heating contactor and electronic load relay
  • Switched output voltage 24 V DC against GND
  • Maximum current load about 1000 mA, self-limiting


Relay outputs for messages that can be selected by software

  • 1-pole make contact, closed-current principle
  • Switching capacity 24 V DC, 1 A, 30 W or 24 V AC, 1 A, 30 VA


Floating inputs for signals that can be selected by software

External voltage signal, voltage present = input active

  • Maximum permissible input voltage 24 V DC
  • Minimum required input current 10 mA



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