Proven electrical antifreeze protection heating system design


Assembly-ready heating mats with or without an extra heating line, consisting of the heating line-completely embedded in hard PVC film-and cold cable, length according to customer requirements, possible up to 180 m. The proven heating mats developed by Klöpper-Therm counteract the penetration of cold into the ground and prevent the floor from lifting and the foundation from being destroyed.

Freezer storage facilities and rooms dissipate cold to their environment. In the vicinity of supports, foundations, and floors that have been partially or completely embedded in the ground, the ground underneath takes up the cold. If the natural flow of heat from the environment and the ground does not suffice, moisture freezes on the surface of the ground and expands and the ground rises. According to the composition of the ground, considerable damage to the building may result. An antifreeze protection for freezer storage facilities and rooms is thus absolutely necessary and a permissible precaution against frost damage and moisture..

Applications: Electrical antifreeze protection heating systems for: Floors and foundations, walls and ceilings, support bases and head

Advantages: Installed quickly, easily, and affordably: the heating mats of Klöpper-Therm are rolled out directly on the steam block and adhered point-by-point using industrial adhesive-any laying direction is permissible. Laying
plans and circuit diagrams created especially for your project make the laying and connection of Klöpper-Therm heating mats to the electrical supply possible without a problem.

You advantages at a glance

  • 5 year guarantee on heating mats
  • High operating safety and protection against damage during installation since the heating line is completely embedded in hard PVC film
  • Heating mats are laid under insulation and protected against damage through external influences
  • Fully automatic operation of the heating mats possible due to open and closed loop control units of Klöpper-Therm
  • Surfaces from 3 m2 to 20.000 m2 heatable due to the series connection of several heating mats
  • Inclusion of extra heating lines in delivery possible


Cable length table
Laying example

Technical data

  • Nominal voltage: 230 V AC or 400 V AC
  • Resistance tolerance at 20 °C: -5 %/+10 %
  • Mat width: about 0,27 m
  • Minimum laying temperature: +5 °C
  • Laying distance: max. 0,9 m
  • Heating line: NH6YMY90 according to VDE 0253
    Cooling line: 1,5 mm2,  NYM-flex, 
    for the standard length, see the table
  • Cable sleeves: steam-pressure-resistant, 
    high-voltage test with 1 kV
    in water for 10 minutes

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