The electrical boilers of Klöpper-Therm



A future-looking boiler construction is the result of years of research and development. Electrical flow boilers are used for the generation of hot water in heating systems and for direct heating, as well as for storage operation or

in combination with other heating systems. They are the alternative to other types of energy for new construction or the conversion of central heating systems with universal applications—radiator heaters, underfloor heaters, or mixed systems or in bivalent operation with other types of energy. Depending on the respective operating conditions of the energy suppliers, the boilers for direct or storage heating are deployed using free electrical power during off-peak periods.

The advantages for you at a glance

  • Better utilisation of electrical power
  • Optimisation of the operating costs in the case of bivalent operation
  • Operation during off-peak periods
  • Type of energy with a reliable supply
  • High availability, short response times
  • Easy integration into existing plants and systems
  • High system efficiency
  • Emission-free heat generation
  • Long service life
  • Low spatial requirement
  • Low maintenance costs

The compact design and various boiler sizes are available in combination with various control systems. Additional possibilities for output and operation arise from the connection of individual boilers in series or in parallel.

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