2x2 Gas heaters

The double deck gas heaters were design to heat up big gas amounts, in a refinery in the explosion-threatened area. Because of the high pressure and temperature the challenge was to distribute the achievement on the surface which proves the optimum solution technically and economically.

 Technical Characteristics:

> Heating capacity 4x = 850KW 3400KW

> Maximum temperature: 450 ° C

> Design pressure: 122.6 bar

> Supply voltage: max. 690 V /

AC manufacturing Standard:

> PED 97/23 / EC

> ASME VIII Div 1-

The range of application:

> Heating of gas in the hazardous area

The functional principle

Continuous heating of the medium by heat exchange between pipe and radiator medium. Our know-how is in the heat exchange area and optimally adapted to the individualoperating conditions adapt to Ensure that the process temperature reaches is permissible without heating surface or the permissible pressure drop is exceeded.

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